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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 13: New clothes College Crossdressing Slut
Chapter 13: New Clothes I went out to my car, not really knowing how to feel. Why did
Robert have to be such a jerk? Preteen Upskirt I drove out here to have a good time and he
tried to embarrass and humiliate me. At least I got to meet Lance who
seemed pretty cool. He probably thought I was just a dumb slut though and
probably didn’t want anything to do with me. He was probably just being
nice to me to be polite. He was really cute though, not that I’d be able
to do anything with him with Robert in the picture.
When I got home and curled up on my bed and cried a little bit. I
don’t even know why I cried. It hadn’t been that bad. The night had been
a lot Preteen Upskirt of fun until Robert started being such a jerk, even after that it was
still kinda fun. Why did I let him treat me like that though? I needed to
talk to someone so I called Nick. He was really the only one I knew I
could talk to about these things. We talked for a while and he was very
sympathetic. “I’m so sorry about Robert.” Nick said. “He’s a real asshole.” “Tell me about it.” I sniffled on the phone. “You’re not crying are you?” He asked. “A little.” I replied. “I’m sorry. I Preteen Upskirt had no idea you liked him that much” “I don’t really like him that much. I always knew he was an
asshole.” I replied Nick paused on the other line and then asked “Then why are you
crying?” Now was my turn to pause. Why was I crying? “I don’t know.” I
finally Preteen Upskirt responded with a giggle. “I really don’t know.” “It actually sounds like you had a good night. I would love to
have seen Lance’s cock. He’s fucking gorgeous!” Nick exclaimed. I
actually had to agree. Nick and I talked for a little while longer and I felt a 110%
better. I laid back down in my bed and thought about things. Why did I
feel bad about what had happened? I knew I didn’t really like Robert at
all; I just liked getting fucked by him. He was a jerk last night, but
actually I had a great time. I got the best fucking of my life, came
twice, got to suck three guys off, and meet a really cool guy. That
actually sounded like a great night. Besides, since when was getting a few
swats on my butt and having to give a couple guys a blowjob a punishment?
I loved those things. He hadn’t really Preteen Upskirt
forced me to suck Lance and Barry
anyway, I could have left at anytime. I stuck around because I was looking
for an excuse to play with Lance’s cock. It didn’t change the fact Robert
was an asshole, but I didn’t care anymore. I let him be an asshole because
I kind of liked it.
I then started thinking about new events that had happened in my
life. Since I had began dressing pretty much everyday, I had changed a
lot. I came to the realization that I really was a slut. Before, I just
kind of thought of myself as easy but now I knew I really was a slut. I
mean come on; I had just Preteen Upskirt finished blowing three guys. It seemed pretty
obvious but I had never really thought of it before. You don’t just sit
down one day and plan on being a slut. It just kind of happens. That
realization was definitely liberating. I decided I Preteen Upskirt just wanted to go out
and have fun. I was still going to let Robert fuck me, but only because he
was amazing at it and whenever I let him fuck me it would be on my terms.
It was my choice and I was going to have a good time while I am young.
I also started thinking about how I wanted to live my life. I
definitely wasn’t straight, Preteen Upskirt
why should I pretend like I was? I was in
college, if I was ever going to come out, it should be now. Why should I
pretend I was something else? Because I don’t want to get beaten up or
disappoint my family was the obvious answer I thought of. I was feeling so
liberated at the moment, I resolved to stop hiding everything I was. I was
going to jump out of the closet… sort of. I decided I would just stop
hiding the fact that I was a gay bottom. I wouldn’t necessarily announce
it to the world, especially that I liked to crossdress, but if people new
then they knew and I wouldn’t care. After a little further thought I
decided to keep it from my family. After all, I barely saw them; they
didn’t have to know right away. I also decided to take Robert’s advice and
grow my hair longer. Maybe someday Preteen Upskirt
I wouldn’t need a wig.
After that realization, I went online for awhile and started
chatting with Aline. I told her all about the last night. She couldn’t
chat for long but let me know there was a change of plans, Preteen Upskirt she was going to
go to the club a week from Friday and wanted me to go. I told her of
course I would go. I actually couldn’t wait. I hoped my new clothes would
get here by then. I really wanted to dress up in something new that night.
I messed around on the computer for a Preteen Upskirt
little longer when I saw Gary, the
older guy I had chatted with on the personals site was online. We chatted
for awhile and got into some cybersex. He sent me some pictures of his
cock and my clittie got so hard thinking about it. I kept calling him
Daddy and he called me his naughty little girl. After we both came, he
told me he wanted to meet. I was a little leery so I told him maybe, after
all I didn’t even really know who he was. He asked to call me. I thought
about it for a second and then said ok but I could only talk for a minute,
I just wanted to give myself an excuse to get off the phone. I gave him my
number and he called. He asked me the usual stuff, like what my major was
and everything. I could tell he was really smart and that was actually a
turn on for me. He was funny and told me he wanted to meet whenever I felt
ready. He also complimented me on my voice and sounded very feminine. I
was glad to hear that, I had been practicing every day on that. When we
got off the phone I lounged around the apartment a little bit more. I was
getting ready to get something to eat when Robert called. “Hey baby. You’re not still mad at me are you?” Robert asked. “No.” I replied. “You’re a jerk, I knew what to expect.” “Hey, I would never have done that if I hadn’t known you let Steve
fuck you.” “How did you know that?” I asked, really surprised he knew. “Duh, we’re in the same fraternity.” He responded. “Of course he
said something.” “That’s right.” I thought to myself. “I had met them both at that
party the fraternity had on Halloween. I’m an idiot.” I finally
responded, “What do you care who I fuck.” “I don’t care, as long as I’m one of them. I thought you’d like
sucking off my friends. I know they enjoyed it.” “Actually I did too.” I giggled. “Lance is pretty hot.” “He thought you were pretty hot too. He wants to know when I’m
bringing you over again.” “I don’t know when I’ll let you bring me over again, but he can see
me anytime.” I replied. “You know you love getting fucked by me.” Robert said and he was
right. “Maybe.” I said. “But I’m still going to make you wait a little
while before you can fuck me again.” “Whatever.” He replied. “I’d like to see you try. By the way,
Barry said he was sorry for acting like an idiot.” “Really?” I asked. “Yeah really. He’s usually not like that. I think he was just mad
because he couldn’t get laid at the bar last night for like the tenth
time.” “Cool.” I said. “Tell him I’m sorry too.” I got off the phone with Robert and decided it really wasn’t a good
idea to sleep with Steve again since I wasn’t that attracted to him and he
was in the same fraternity with Robert. I called Steve and he said he
understood. He said he really liked me but he felt a little weird knowing
I was sleeping with Robert anyway.
Robert called a few Preteen Upskirt
times over the next week but I always told him
I was busy. I wanted to make him wait a week, just to show him I wouldn’t
do everything he said. It was hard waiting though I wasn’t sure if I could
make it. By mid week, I was itching for a cock in my ass. I could barely
concentrate at school and didn’t know how I could hold out a few more days.
“Maybe I should just call Robert,” I thought to myself during class. “If I
don’t I’ll probably just let some random guy fuck me at the club on
Friday.” I thought about that on the drive home, but luckily for my self
control, the dildo and clothes I ordered came in.
I was so excited when I saw they came in, I ripped open the boxes
like a kid during Christmas. I absolutely loved the clothes I picked! I
was most excited though when I saw the dildo. My clittie got hard
immediately and I knew I had to have that inside me. I decided to do
everything right though. I took a quick shower and shaved everything
again, and applied some makeup. Then I decided to try on my skirt set and
low rise thong. The skirt set was this little micro mini that was pink
with black polka dots with a matching top. It was made of spandex with a
tie in the front of both the skirt and top. It also came with a matching
polka dot, low rise thong. I put on the outfit and actually struggled a
little sliding the skirt up my legs. This thing was really tight! I
looked in the mirror and I thought I looked pretty good. This little skirt
barely covered my ass. It was literally maybe an inch longer than my ass.
I checked my butt to make sure the low rise thong didn’t peak out over my
skirt. If I was a girl I probably wouldn’t even wear panties with this but
I had to have something to hold my clittie back.
I then left the bathroom and hurried to grab some lube and my new
toy. “Shoot!” I thought. I forgot it was a squirting dildo and I had to
make some cum. I was going to make sure I had fun tonight. I hurried into
the kitchen to make the cum like Aline had told me. It was really simple,
I just mixed unsweetened yogurt with water until it looked like it had just
shot out of some guys penis. It was cold so I warmed it a little in the
microwave and filled up my toy with it. I then sat on my bed and thought
what scenario I would like to play out in my mind. I liked the one where
Robert fucked me like a rag doll but that wasn’t really feasible. I really
needed someone to do that to me. I then thought of the perfect idea. I
picked up my phone and dialed Gary’s number. After a couple rings he
picked up. “Hi Kara! I wasn’t expecting to hear from you. How are you
doing?” He greeted me. I wasn’t really in the mood to chat so I just said “Fine, are you
busy?” “Not really,” was his response. “I was just typing something for a
client.” “I’m really horny baby.” I said in my sexiest voice. “Are you up
for some phone sex?” “If you’re that horny why don’t you just come over here?” He asked
with a laugh. “Not yet baby, but I just got Preteen Upskirt a new outfit and my first real dildo
and want to try it out. I’ll send you some pics.” I teased. “You’re first real dildo? You must be excited.” “I am. It’s got fake cum and everything. Do you want to chat
dirty?” “Sure. I’m at my computer sweetie, send the pics over.” He
replied “OK, I’ll call you right back.” I immediately took some pics and
sent them to him. I gave him a couple front shots, some good ass shots and
a few with the dildo in my mouth. I tried to make those pictures look like
it was from his point of view and he was looking down at me with a cock in
my mouth. I then called him right back “Did you get the pics?” I asked. “Good Lord, you look fabulous!” He said. “I didn’t know you had
such a pretty face!” I forgot Preteen Upskirt
I had never sent him a picture of my face. “Just imagine
looking down at that as I crawl underneath your desk and suck your cock.” I
said Preteen Upskirt in my best phone sex voice. “Put the dildo in your mouth. I want to hear you suck on it.” He
commanded. I obeyed and sucked and slurped as loudly as I could on the
realistic looking dildo so he could hear me on the other line. My lips
smacked on the cock as I heard him moan on the other line. I was so horny
I couldn’t help myself anymore and knew I had to feel the fake cum down my
throat. “Hold on baby. I have to feel this cum down my face.” I said,
then warned, “Don’t you cum until I get this thing in my ass.” “OK,” he said a little breathless, “Take a pic for me.” I set the phone down, sucked on the dildo for a few more seconds
and then rewarded myself with a shot of fake jizz down my throat. I
swallowed a couple shots then let a few more squirts shoot on my lips,
cheeks, and even eyelids. It actually didn’t taste as good as real cum to
me and had gotten a little cold but I loved the sensation. I took a
picture and sent it to Gary. I laughed a little as I saw the picture of me
receiving a “facial”. I picked up the phone and told Gary I would just be
another second and to look for the pic I sent him. I went to the bathroom
and, even though the dildo was pretty wet from my saliva, squirted some
lube on my butt and set the suction cup of the dildo on the tile. “Still
there?” I asked Gary “I’m still here sweetie. I don’t know how much longer I’ll last
after seeing that last picture of you though.” He replied “Don’t worry, I’m going to cum soon too. Just imagine me climbing
on your lap and riding that big cock of yours.” I told him “MMM, I love my little girl riding my cock.” “OHH Daddy, you feel so big!” I moaned. “Oh baby, I need to cum!” He moaned loudly in the phone. “Do it Daddy! Cum for me! Fill me with your cum.” I screeched.
I was ready to cum too. When I heard him utter a big groan I let the dildo
fill my ass with it’s cum and erupted myself all over the floor. “Oh
Daddy. You felt so good inside me.” I said. “You really know how to turn me on.” He responded, “We’ll have to
do this for real sometime.” “I hope so.” I said. “You can come over and we can hang out in my Jacuzzi. Would you
like that?” “Oohh that sounds fun!” I said, but then added hopefully. “I
don’t have a bikini though Daddy.” “No problem.” He replied. “I’ll pick you out one and buy it for
you.” “Really Daddy?” I said. “That would be amazing!” “If it will get you over here, absolutely.” We chatted for another minute and I let him go so he could finish
working and I could clean up my cum from the floor.
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